Helping to tell the corporate story and finding the right people to listen to it

It is curious, but true, that many companies cannot explain clearly to potential investors what they do, why they do it, or even what they want. This is often because, perhaps understandably, their priorities are on how things are done, and not why. Investors want to know immediately how the business model works and understand the value proposition and financing requirements.

We assist clients to build up investment-grade collateral, with supporting documentation and communication tools. Our central skills lie here, in helping to tell the corporate story to investors and identifying the right investors to listen to it.

This is the essence of our corporate finance approach.

Based on these principles, and with our partner network, we operate across a diverse range of sectors. We have recently advised clients in the aviation, technology, fashion, water, and real-estate sectors, and have secured equity and debt financing packages ranging from less than £1m to over £50m.

Our partners include experts in investment banking, international taxation, technology, health, medicine, energy/cleantech, and real estate finance.

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